Watch Repair
If you want a true professional to turn to for all your watch repair needs,
you've come to the right place .
Ricky's Watch and Jewelry Inc,we have over 45 years of  combined
experience providing  a full range of watch repair.

Once we receive your watch, we will contact you within 48 hours
to inform you of:
-The repairs needed - An estimate of cost.
-When the repair will be completed.

One year warranty on all watch repair services rendered.
You're your piece of mind, we offer a no hassle return service policy and
will promptly correct any problem so that you are completely satisfied.

We offer battery replacement for most watches while you wait.
Just $10.00 (tax included)
Band adjustments
New Crystal and gasket
Stem & Crown replacement

High Grade Watches and Scheduled Maintenance:

We recommend periodic routine maintenance servicing. Oils have a
life expectancy of three to four years, after which time the moving part
of the watch can score or age prematurely due to friction.
In order to extend the life of your watch, regular maintenance should
be performed by a qualified technician.
Our routine service for watches includes:
1. Complete disassembly of the watch.
2. Clean all moving parts with recommended cleaning solvents.
3. Proper lubrication with select, specified, oils during reassembly.
4. Waterproof testing when applicable.
5. Time testing of the watch for a period of 48-72 hours.

Rolex has a reputation of being both prestigious as well as durable.
However, high performance watches such as Rolex need periodic servicing.
We pride ourselves on our ability to restore and/or service these quality
time pieces.
Rolex is a registered trademark of the Rolex Watch Company.Ricky's Watch and Jewelry Inc is an independent company not affiliated with Rolex USA and is NOT authorized agent of Rolex USA